Make a decorative plaster mould (soft plastics)

by chrystal | Source: Precious-Plastic-Community-Platform

Learn how to make a decorative plaster mould to use for soft plastics. There are two parts to this process. Stay tuned to learn how to work with plaster and then plastic in a decorative way. —


Step 1 - Create your plaster mould

The first step is to collect your materials;
- scissors
- mixing stick
- liquid craft glue
- spray glue
- leafy material
- laminated cardboard or wood
- 4 laminated ply pieces
- plymer clay
- dust mask
- plaster
- water
- mixing containers
- soapy water
- brush

Step 2 - Melt your plastic

What you will need;

- soft plastic
- oven
- baking paper
- oven tray
-chemical & heatproof gloves
-resperator mask & cartridges
- plank of wood
- drill
- screws
- hanging wire

Step 3 - Happy Melting!

Plaster is a very cheap and versatile material, use it to make as many moulds as you like! Seriously......go crazy. Here are some examples of how different colours and shapes can give you a fantastic piece to and on your wall.

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