This is the most stable, robust and precise injector in it's class! Every detail has been taken care of and the design went through many iterations over the years.

Due to it's mechanical advantage, it can be operated effortless and safe even by a 10 year old.

Perfect for more complicated molds and better production rates. Easy to transport and ideal for a educational context and small enterprises.

The machine is heavily inspired by the work of FosBarcelona, formerly known as Taller Esferica.


Version 1.4
Variant Standard
Weight 50 Kg
Package Dimensions 110 x 200 x 500 cm
Barrel Diameter 25
Barrel Length 35cm
Voltage 220V
Input Flake Size Small - Medium
License CERN Open Source Hardware License



Part Nr. Description Configuration
1 Heatbands 4x - 250W 220V
2 PID Controller InkBird 100-VH
3 Power Switch IP55 Grade
4 Solid Round Bars 3x - 25mm diameter / 50 cm long
5 Rack Module-3
6 Plunger 25mm diameter / 38 cm long
7 Gear Brackets 14 cm x 2 cm x 7 cm
8 Car Jack 20 x 15 cm Mould Plate
9 Barrel 25mm diameter / 38 cm long
10 Nozzle Interface M20 / 12 mm bore
11 Nozzle M20 / 12 mm bore with inset cone

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