New Seller

Setup Your Seller Account

So you’ve signed up for a seller account and recieved an email approval of your account. Now lets go through the steps to get setup!

Login to the Seller Dashboard


Go to your seller profile

Seller Profile

Check your profile information for accuracy

Check Profile

Add your seller map location to create your pin on the seller map

Check Profile

Connect your Stripe account for payment

  • You need a seperate account with Stripe (payment processor), which allows you to manage all the information related to payments.
  • Only registered organizations in certain countries can create an account. Check the list to see if your home country is supported.
  • If your country is not supported, you can try setting up an account through Stripe Atlas, or find another way and get creative 😜
  • Paypal is not supported.

Connect Stripe

Add a description

  • A detailed description helps potential buyers know you and your organization.
  • Tell them your story of how you got started and what your focus is. This seems trivial but could be the difference between a sale or not.

Add Description

Add your logos

  • The first logo is what will appear as your profile picture
  • The second logo is what will appear on your invoices to customers
  • The recommended size for your logos is 400x250 pixels, and the total size must be under 5 MB

Add Logo