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Connect Your Stripe Account

Payments power the bazar 💸

Stripe is the payment processor that powers the Bazar. You need a seperate account with Stripe, which allows you to manage all the information related to payments. Remember that it’s required to have a connected Stripe account before posting listings.

Login to the Seller Dashboard


Go to your seller profile

Seller Profile

Scroll down and click “connect with Stripe”

Connect Stripe

Set up a new account or connect an existing one

  • Creating an account is free
  • You must have a registered organization in a Stripe supported country
  • If your country is not supported, you can try setting up an account through Stripe Atlas, or find another creative way around it
  • Paypal is not supported

You’re now open for business 🙌🏼🎉💪

  • Next step is to create lisitngs on the Bazar and start selling 🤑