How to build mini press

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How to build mini press

by plastmakers | Source: Precious-Plastic-Community-Platform

Tutorial how to build mini press for compression moulding.
For making this simple machine you need welding machine, access to laser cutting machine, drilling machine and basic assembly skills. —


    Step 1 - Video tutorial

    All steps are mentioned in video tutorial.
    Direct link to open source blueprints and CAD files are here:

    Step 2 - What can you make with press?

    With this standard size frame it is possible to press sheets with area 37x37cm.

    Max. recommended mould height is 80mm

    I have already produced:

    - sheets 37x37cm, thickness 3, 5, 20mm
    - coasters
    - clock
    - clipboard
    - sheets which was latter used for CNC cutting - design of lamp, animal models.

    Step 3 - Is it possible to buy it? Yes

    Step 4 - More information

    Next upgrades and tips for compression moulding you can find on Youtube, or Instagram:

    I hope it can help you with plastic recycling.


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